Traffic Division

Lieutenant Brad Davis is in charge of the Traffic Division. Currently, there are both motorcyle officers assigned to the traffic unit and non-motorcycle traffic officers. This unit is responsible for traffic enforcement on a daily basis but also responsible for the investigatin of major traffic collisions. Members of this unit have been trained in advanced traffic collision investigations. Current plans are to obtain training for this unit in Traffic Collision Reconstruction where more precise and exact details of a collision can be recorded for major collisions.


Lieutenant Davis has been with the department since July 2001. He has served time in Patrol, Detectives and Special Operations. Prior to his promotion in January 2013, he was assigned to the departments Motor Unit. Lt. Davis has recently been reassigned as Supervisor in charge of the Motor Unit.

Lt. Davis is also a valued Instructor during our Academies, helping with the PT training each day.

Lieutenant Davis can be reached at (580) 581-3225 or