Lake Patrol

Lieutenant Bill Jenkins is in charge of the Lake Patrol. The City of Lawton is responsible for both Lake Ellsworth and Lake Lawtonka, to include boathouses, camping sites, and picnic areas that are on City property. Lt. Jenkins has two full-time officers assigned to the Lake Patrol. . During the summer months while lake activity is at its highest, extra officers are assigned specific shifts at the lakes for better coverage.

If you would like more information on rules at the lakes, please visit our Boating-Swimming-Camping-Fishing Regulations page and our Hunting Regulations page.

You may contact Lake Patrol Headquarters at (580) 529-2800.

Contact Lieutenant Jenkins at

Mount Scott shadowing Lake Lawtonka. Mount Scott, located inside the Wichita Mountains Wildlife Refuge, is one of Oklahoma's most prominent mountains. It's peak towers 2,464 feet above sea level.