Canine Unit

The Lawton Police Department currently has a total of five K-9 teams. Lt. Charlie Martin supervises the K-9 section. Three of the K-9 teams are assigned to patrol, one is assigned to the Gang Task Force and one is assigned to the Special Operations Section. The Lawton Police K-9 teams have been used to track down dangerous suspects that had attempted to flee from crime scenes and sniff vehicles and buildings for hidden narcotics. All five K-9 teams have proven to be great assets to the police department. Many suspects have been apprehended, evidence has been located and thousands of dollars worth of narcotics have been removed from the streets.

• Sergeant Michael Porter is assigned K-9 "Wessel."
• Sergeant William Straily is assigned K-9 "Timmy."
• Officer Anthony Edwards is assigned K-9 "Kano."


Wessel Timmy Kano
Wessel Timmy Kano