Bravo Team

Bravo Team is a midnight shift team that works from 2100 hours (9:00PM) to 0700 hours (7:00AM). Their scheduled days off are Thursday, Friday and Saturday but due to their work hours, they actually are off Wednesday night, Thursday night and Friday night. The Bravo Team's Watch Commander is Captain Bobby Dodd and his Lieutenants are Lt. Charles Crawford and Lt. James Churchwell.



Captain Bobby Dodd was promoted to Captin in September 2013. He started his police career 28 years ago. Captain Dodd was hired by the Lawton Police Department on May 2, 1986. He attended the 2nd CLEET Academy for the Lawton Police Department.

Captain Dodd transferred to the Narcotics Division in 1988, where he served for one year before returning back to Patrol Division. He worked in Patrol Division until transferring to the Training Division in 2003, as the Department’s Range Master. After spending 2 years in Training, Captain Dodd was promoted to the rank of lieutenant on July 18, 2005, and transferred back to Patrol. Dodd has been assigned as the Bravo Team Watch Commander and has assumed the responsibilities of the Department Quartermaster since this promotion.

Captain Dodd has served in the Narcotics Division, Patrol Division, Training Division and has also served on the Department’s Tactical Team for 12 years, 9 as a team sniper. He also has served on the Department Honor Guard, Bike Patrol, Meritorious Conduct Board and is a CLEET Certified Firearms Instructor. He was the Department’s Fleet Supervisor for 8 years and worked on the Department’s Audit and Inventory for 9 years.

Captain Dodd holds an advanced CLEET Certification, is a Glock Pistol Armorer and was Supervisor of the year in 2007.

Captain Dodd can be reached at (580) 581-3227 or



Lieutenant Charles Crawford was hired by the department in 1989. During his career, he has worked in Patrol the majority of the time. He was one of the original Bike Patrol Officers and he has been a member of the Gang Unit, as well as a Dive Team Member and current Dive Team Supervisor. Lt. Crawford was promoted to Lieutenant in 1999 and he has received his Advanced CLEET Certification.

Lt. Crawford has received the Officer of the Year and Supervisor of the Year Awards, along with 2 Life Saving Awards, 2 Meritorious Conduct Bars, and the Police Shield.

Lt. Crawford can be reached at (580) 581-3225 or


Lieutenant James Churchwell began his career with the Lawton Police Department in September 2002. Lt. Churchwell spent several years working within the Patrol Division. In January 2009 Lt. Churchwell transferred to the Special Operations Division. He then transferred to the Traffic Division in November 2010. In September 2013 Lt. Churchwell was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant. Currently Lt. Churchwell is assigned to the Patrol Division as a Patrol Supervisor.

Lt. Churchwell graduated from Denton High School, Denton TX. Since joining the department he has earned his Advanced CLEET Certification. During Lt. Churchwell’s career with the Lawton Police Department he has served on the department’s bicycle team, Community Oriented Policing, Tactical Team, Motor Unit and was used as a Field Training Officer. Lt. Churchwell is also a department instructor in Law Enforcement Drivers Training and a Harley Davidson Police Motorcycle Operator Instructor.

Lt. Churchwell can be reached at (580) 581-3227 or