Training Division

Lt. Brad Davis is in charge of the Training Division and he is supported by two Sergeants. The Training Division is responsible for all training of the department to include monthly In-Service training as well as special training for members of the department and the coordination of outside Agencies needing specific training. The Division frequently provides training for the Lawton Public Schools, Cameron University, and other local Agencies. You may contact the Training Division at (580) 581-3399.

The Training Division is also where you will find the Community Oriented Policing Section. If you would like an Officer to come speak with your group or organization, or if you would like to start a Neighborhood Watch program, this is where you would start.

The Lawton Police Department is not currently accepting applications for employment.
However, you may go to our Employment Opportunities Page for details and prerequisites of becoming an officer in Lawton.


Lieutenant Davis has been with the department since July 2001. He has served time in Patrol, Detectives and Special Operations. Prior to his promotion in January 2013, he was assigned to the departments Motor Unit. Lt. Davis has recently been reassigned as Supervisor in charge of the Motor Unit.

Lt. Davis is also a valued Instructor during our Academies, helping with the PT training each day. Lt. Davis is also a Self Defense Instructor and a Firearms Instructor.

Lieutenant Davis can be reached at (580) 581-3399 or



The training building houses two specialized pieces of training equipment. The first is the MILO System from IES Interactive Training, which is a firearms training simulator. The simulator allows officers to participate in real-life scenerios concerning use-of-force. The MILO system allows the student to work through a situation and decide the correct course of action throughout the use-of-force continuum. The second simulator is from L3 DPA (L3 Communications) and is their PatrolSim Driving Simulator. Training on this simulator allows students to be instructed on correct emergency driving proceedures while in the classroom, training that possibly could not be done on the street.

Sergeant Michael Spencer is in charge of the departments Police Academy. He coordinates all the instructors and schedules the 23 week long Academy. Sgt. Spencer is also responsible for the 16 week Field Training Officer Program that immediately follows the Academy. The department attempts to have a minimum of one Academy per year, with at least 10 new officers attending. Along with Lawton Police Recruits, there have also been Lawton Fire Chiefs and Marshalls attend the Academy. Sgt. Spencer can be reached at the above phone number or

Sergeant Mark Foreman is the Range Master for the department. He coordinates all training related to firearms, is responsible for controlling and upkeep of the firearms range, as well as assists other Agencies at the range. Sgt. Foreman can be reached at the above phone number or

Sergeant Richard Wallace is the training coordinating. He coordinates all training for in-service training as well as specialized schools. Sgt. Wallace can be reached at the above phone number or




The Emergency Communications Division is located in building 900 at the Great Plains Technology Center. The Emergency Communications Division, more commonly known as Dispatch, is responsible for receiving all calls for citizens needing an officers assistance, whether to report a crime or they need other assistance. The Emergency Communications Division not only is the dispatch center for Lawton, it also hanldes the dispatching of Sheriff Deputies and Military Police as well as Fire Emergencies.

The Emergency Communication Division also houses the Emergency Operations Center for the City in the case there is a storm or event that may need consolidated coordination between various entities around the City or County. The Emergency Operations Center has the ability to bring together all Agencies into one location so resources can be identified and utilized to serve citizens during an event.

The Emergency Communications Division is headed by Derrell Morgan and he can be reached at (580) 581-3492 or by email at