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The Lawton Police Department is proud to have been the first Municipal Police Department in Oklahoma on the web. The Department currently employees over 170 sworn Officers and 65 civilian personnel. We are located in Southwest Oklahoma bordering Fort Sill Army Base. We are also just south of the Wichita Mountains National Wildlife Reservation.

The department is headed by Chief James Smith. Chief Smith has over 30 years of law enforcement experience as well as 30 years of military service. Chief Smith began his tenure in Lawton in 2012. For more information on Chief Smith and the other Command Level Staff, you may visit the Headquarters Division page.

Lawton was founded in 1901 and unlike other parts of the Territory that used land runs, Lawton was established using a lottery system for 160 acre plots. Lawton struggled to grow through its early years but eventually began to grow, from 35,000 people in 1950 to 80,000 in 1990. Currently Lawton has approximately 99,000 residents, not including Ft. Sill Military Installation, home of the Fires Center of Excellence for the US Army.

Lawton is also home to two lakes; Lake Lawtonka and Lake Ellsworth. You can read about the lakes and regulations on our Lake Patrol page.




The City of Lawton passed a Resolution on October 13, 2015 dealing with Lawton Police Departrment personnel responding to accidents on private property. This Resolution, 15-80, is derived from Oklahoma State Statute, Title 47 O.S. ยง 10-108, which states

B. A municipality or county shall have the authority to adopt ordinances or resolutions regarding the response of law enforcement to motor vehicle accidents occurring on private property within its jurisdiction; provided, law enforcement agencies shall respond to and report collisions that occur on private property which involve a personal injury, a driver that may be under the influence of alcohol or any other intoxicating substance, or a vehicle that is the property of the state or a political subdivision of the state.

Therefore, effective December 1, 2015, officers of the Lawton Police Department will not respond to private property motor vehicle accidents unless the accident involves (1) personal injury, (2) a driver that may be under the influence of alcohol or any other intoxicating substance, or (3) a vehicle that is the property of the state or a political subdivision of the state.

You may go to the front desk of the police department to obtain a form to complete or you may go to Oklahoma Motor Vehicle Collision Report page for more information.


The Lawton Police Department Citizen Police Academy is currently accepting applications for the upcoming training in January, 2016. Please go to the Citizens Police Academy page for more information.

Please come and visit our Kids Safety pages. You, and your children can visit the pages by clicking on the Kids Pages above or through the Community Involvement Section below.

We have rearranged our website, added a few new pages, and changed the format. You will find links to the major divisions within the department at the top of each page. You will also find other links at the bottom of pages that will take you various areas, one of which will be our Current Crimes page. This page was added to update you on current, major crimes in the City, as well as notifying you if we are having a large amount of activity, such as burglaries, in a specific area. As you can see, we are divided into three main areas; Community Involvement, Crime Statistics, and Department News. Please feel free to browse the site and contact lawtonpd.com Webmaster if you see a broken link or want to comment on the site. We are actively updating, so please be patient while our website is undergoing redesign.

If you would like to commend an officer or file a complaint against an officer, please go to our Commendation and Complaint page to see the proceedures.

Community Involvement


The Lawton Police Department prides itself on being involved in the community through various programs such as Community Orientated Policing, Crime Stoppers, and the Citizens Police Academy. Read more here …

Crime Statistics


The Lawton Police Department keeps track of crimes reported within our city and configures a monthly statistical report. You may view what crimes are ocurring within Lawton, as well as check on Sex Offenders by following to this page …

Department News

Department News

We will be giving you updates on happenings within the Department, whether that may be a special event coming up, announcements of promotions or transfers, or a special achievement by an Officer. Throughout the year events are held that the department is involved in. Read more …